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Final partition of Poland between the Russian, Austrian and Prussian Empires.

1806 -

Poles hoping for Independence support France during the Napoleonic Wars. Lieutenant Franciszek Morawski joins the Imperial Guard in Poznań.


Baron Jan Kozietulski leads victorious cavalry charge at the Battle of Samosierra in Spain.


Kozietulski saves Napoleon's life at the Battle of Maloyaroslavets in Russia.


France loses Napoleonic Wars. Congress of Vienna creates a shrunken Kingdom of Poland, subordinate to the Russian Empire, with the Tsar as King.


Failed November Rising against Russia. General Franciszek Morawski Minister of Defence.


Failed January Rising against Russia. Prince Jan Lubomirski sent into exile.


Prince Zdzisław Lubomirski born in exile in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

1914 - 1918

First World War. The Russian, Austrian and German Empires that had previously partitioned Poland now destroy each other.


Lubomirski appointed Regent of Poland.

October 1918

Lubomirski declares Polish Independence.

November 1918

Lubomirski appoints Józef Piłsudski Commander-in-Chief and Head of State.


Marshal Piłsudski credited with Victory in the defence against Russian invasion, securing Polish independence.


Marshal Piłsudski takes power in the May coup. Kajetan Morawski was in the deposed government. Lubomirski turns down offer of Presidency.


Lubomirski becomes a Senator and Kajetan's brother Tadeusz Morawski an MP representing the pro-Piłsudski "BBWR" party. Tadeusz later resigns.


Kajetan Morawski appointed Deputy Treasury Minister in Warsaw

March 1939

Britain and France Guarantee, in the event of a threat to Polish independence, to lend the Polish Government all possible support at once.

Spring 1939

Poland refuses to help Hitler attack Stalin or Stalin to fight Hitler

August 1939

Nazi-Soviet "Ribbentrop-Molotov" Pact to carve up Poland.

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Historical Background



September 1939

Germany and Russia invade and occupy Poland. Lubomirski active in organising the defence of Warsaw.

October 1939

Lubomirski a hostage ensuring the safety of Germans, especially Hitler.

November 1939

Polish Government-in-Exile including Kajetan formed in Angers, France.


Senator Dorota Kłuszyńska takes refuge in Little Village


Lubomirski arrested and tortured by the Gestapo. Dies in 1943.

May 1943

The Warsaw Ghetto Rising, the supreme tragedy, finally crushed.

June 1943

SS massacre wedding party at Horodyński Estate, Zbydniów.

November 1943

Kajetan appointed Polish Ambassador to the French National Liberation Committee in Algiers.

July 1944

Radio Moscow unveils the Polish National Liberation Committee ("PKWN"), effectively a rival Polish government appointed by Stalin.

August 1944

Warsaw Rising. 22-year old Magda Morawska killed at the barricades. Stalin halts Red Army advance so the Germans can crush the Resistance.

July 1945

Western governments recognise Stalin's Polish Government. Kajetan Morawski leaves Polish Embassy in Paris, but remains Ambassador of the London based Government-in-Exile.


Maciej ("Matt") Morawski joins his father in Paris. Dominik Horodyński and Kazimierz ("Aggio") Morawski work for PAX, headed by Piasecki.


Gomułka elected First Secretary of the Party. Horodyński, Morawski and others leave PAX and form the Christian Social Association ("ChSS").


Matt joins Radio Free Europe.


Gierek elected First Secretary after food price riots and repression.


Aggio Morawski becomes an MP.


Election of Polish Pope John Paul II.


Solidarity grows in strength. General Jaruzelski elected First Secretary and in December declares Martial Law.

June 1989

Solidarity wins relatively free elections following Round Table negotiations.

November 1989

Fall of the Berlin Wall.

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