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Jan Ledóchowski



Ukrainians and Poles: Part I
and Part II

Ukrainians and Poles: Download PDF

Jan's background

After the Second World War Jan's parents could not return to Poland. His father's home town had been annexed by the Soviet Union. His father and his mother's father had been diplomats for the pre-communist government and so both would have been prime targets for repression. They emigrated to South Africa and Jan's father Wladimir worked as a civil engineer throughout the Southern half of the continent.

Jan in office

Jan was born in Rhodesia and brought up in Johannesburg. His parents sent him and his brother Christopher to a multi-racial co-educational boarding school in Swaziland, founded by a group of English and South African teachers opposed to the apartheid regime.

After completing his "A" levels Jan read Economics at Cambridge, where he was an active member of the Polish, European, sailing and other societies.

City career

in 1975 Jan joined the investment bank SG Warburg. He first worked on eurobond issues in the International division, and then as a financial adviser and eventually a Director in the Corporate Finance division. He served many clients, some of them the largest companies in the UK, on a wide range of matters including raising debt and/or equity finance by rights issues or other means, agreed mergers with other companies, unilateral offers to take-over other companies, the defence of companies against unwelcome take-over offers from other parties, and similar transactions in the USA, Canada, Denmark, Spain, Italy and Portugal.

"It was a fascinating experience. The professionalism inherited from the German founders of the bank was an excellent training for my future career" he says.

Russia Invades Ukraine February 2022

In April 2022 Yorkshire Bylines published Jan's articles on the Love-Hate Relationship between Poles and Ukranians that Turned to Love, Part I and Part 2.
You can also download a PDF here.

Article on EU Reform

Apel do Polaków


After the declaration of Martial Law in 1981 Jan became voluntary Treasurer of Medical Aid for Poland. He took the second convoy of trucks bringing much needed food, medical equipment and printing supplies to opposition activists, the families of Solidarity internees and other people in need.

After Communism fell in 1989 Jan took an active part in the economic reforms needed to get Poland back on its feet. Initially representing SG Warburg, he advised the Government on Poland's privatisation programmes, widely recognised as the most successful of those adopted by any post-Communist country. Later, as an independent consultant, he advised the Swedish bank SEB, the NIFF Fund manager and other foreign investors, and was on several bank, corporate and investment fund Supervisory Boards.


Jan in forest

From 2002 Jan was a Director, then Treasurer and finally Chairman of Coombe House Estate Residents Association Ltd.("CHERAL"), retiring in 2017.  In February 2010 he again became voluntary Treasurer of Medical Aid for Poland. He has a RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate and is voluntary Treasurer of the Mediterranean Section of the Cruising Association. He was Vice Chairman of the prestigious London Polish Hearth Club Ognisko Polskie from January 2018 until he resigned in 2021. In February 2022 he was elected to the Club's Audit Committee.

Jan completed a Film Making MA course at Kingston University in 2012. His films include Uncles & Others, Inka and a documentary about the Polish Saturday School in Putney Wimbledon, London.

Jan's detailed CV
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