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Fight Brexit

Mortificati● Europe should be united*
We should all work together.
● The European Union is the
best force for peace we have.
● Biggest market in world.
● Biggest exporter in world.
● Free trade agreements with 56 countries.
● The UK has been doing fine- "if it ain't broke don't fix it".

Brexit is a brutal project to divide us from Europe.
It will not benefit anyone and hasn't even started!

What Brexit means for you

● Pound still down 16% nine months after referendum.
● The biggest collapse in sterling for decades.
● More expensive imports = inflation = real incomes hit.
● More expensive holidays abroad.
● Not part of single market says Gove.
● Harder for your employers to export to Europe.
Brexshit● Exports also less competitive.
● Importing harder and more expensive.
● Financial services harder to export.
● Businesses already relocating to EU.
Business difficulties = fewer jobs*
● They also mean lower share prices.
● So pension fund values down.
● So pension fund deficits up.
● Pension fund deficits = pension threat.
● Bank of England interest rates down.
● That means annuity rates down.
● That means pensions down.
● Business, jobs & pensions hit = economic problems.
● Problems for the economy = tax revenue down.
● Government gets less money selling shares in banks.
● Cornwall, Wales, farmers etc, no longer get EU funds.
● They want you to pay instead.
● Government revenue down means budget deficit up.
● Government borrowing up maybe £30 billion a year.
● Borrowing up means pound down and taxes up.
● Borrowing up also brings inflation, job & other cuts
● Bank of England spends your £320 billion on rescue. 
● Costs more than our EU contribution for 50 years. **
Econist anarchy
● Longer health service queues without 130,000 EU staff.
● No right to visit, work & live in 27 European countries.
● NHS medical card for health services in Europe ended?
Research & university cooperation with Europe harmed.
● EU Erasmus student exchange programme ended?
● More hate = race crimes up = death threats & murder*

We want our future

Other countries a tad pissed off with yours include France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Greece, etc etc etc etc.

Why we have Brexit

If 0.95% of voters had chosed Remain rather than Brexit we would not have Brexit. But millions voted for Brexit because people called Brexiteers tell porkies.

"The economy will thrive under Brexit." Really? Wwhat happen to the millions who believed you?

● "I never said we would spend another £350 million a week on the NHS." Really?

Leave bus

"We must take back control of our taxes." Are you kidding? We are still in the EU and our own Parliament is still setting our taxes.

● The EU is sending us hundreds of thousands of Turks and Syrian refugees. Well it isn't, is it? We are still in the EU and where are all these Turks and refugees?

Syrian refugees

They Syrians are being bombed by Russia, which is also financing the French National Front and Trump.

"The EU is undemocratic." Rubbish - all EU countries elect their governments which in turn appoint top EU officials. We don't elect top British civil servants or the Secretary General of the United Nations either. Britain votes on EU decisions and has voted in favour of the vast majority over the years.

"A bloated bureaucracy." Rubbish - the EU commission has 33,000 employees, the same as the City of Leeds.

Boris Johnson has been lying about the EU ever since he was fired by The Times for inventing a quote in 1988. The day after the referendum he claimed "the pound is stable". Our Foreign Secretary is a proven liar and an international laughing stock*.

EU heartsBoJo Brexits


● Top law professor says Leave campaign was "criminally irresponsible". Lawyers have even asked whether under British law the Vote Leave campaign can be prosecuted for its lies.

Choose a Brexit Lie

Here are three different Brexit promises:-

1. Brexiteer leaflets in Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu said that net non-EU immigration of nearly 200,000 a year (more than EU immigration) will increase.

Michael Gove said several times that total net immigration will be reduced to around 50,000.

3. David Hannan MEP, Boris Johnson and others said that net EU immigration will not be significantly reduced.

Decide which one or two of the above are lies. Maybe even all three? Enjoy.

"We have no plan"

Nobody votedYou guessed it. "We have no plan" is possibly the only true statement the Brexiteers ever made.*

But they waited until after the EU referendum to say it.

You wonder why?



Churchill & Clarkson

"We hope to reach again a Europe united...in which men will be proud to say 'I am a European'....We hope that wherever we go in this wide domain, they will truly feel 'Here I am at home.'"
Winston Churchill, Amsterdam, 9 May 1948

"Our only hope is a second vote...Better to look silly for a bit than to live for ever in a festering nest of of warts, mud and minority-bashing."
Jeremy Clarkson, London Sunday Times, 3 July 2016

Flags united

The European, English and Polish flags united.*




Join demonstrations when they happen.

50,000 people marched in London on 2 July 2016*.
100,000 marched on 25th March 2017.

London 20160702

Prosecute the Liars

Help crowd fund the prosecution of dishonest Brexiteer politicians. This action is being supported by Lord Alan Sugar, Richard Corbett MEP and others. Over £140,000 has been raised. They need more. This should be fun*



Keep Fighting

Theresa May, having been appointed (but not elected) Prime Minister when it became utterly clear how incapable the lying Brexiteer leaders such as Boris Johnson and Michael Gove would be to lead the country, was nevertheless overcome by the "people have spoken" mantra and submitted the Article 50 notice to leave the European Union amid much fanfare on 29th March 2017. It took her and her colleages nine months to work out what they wanted and draft the necessary letter.

But the people did not speak. The Brexiteers spoke lies and the people voted for those lies by a very narrow margin."*

Brexit liesMargin






So the most shameful and disgusting event in British history since betraying Eastern Europe to Stalin at Yalta in 1945 has come to pass. Having dumped the region into the hands of the Soviet communist regime, the UK has now washed its hands of the efforts led by France and Germany to ensure its enduring recovery. If British jingoists considered it their mission to reduce Germany's influence in Europe, then now, in the words of Michael Heseltine, they have handed Europe over to Germany.

Britain's influence and reputation in Europe are at a low ebb. Everyone in the UK is due to lose their European citizenship. Despite overwhelming votes in the House of Lords, Theresa May instructed Tory MPs to leave the future of EU citizens in the UK under threat as bargaining chips. Hate and division are on the rise.

However there will be more votes in the House of Commons and more opportunities to stop or at least mitigate this madness.


Lobby your MP

Brexit bad**

● Send a message to your MP. Click here for the "Write to them" website. Type in your postcode, click Go, scroll down to "Your MP", click their name and type your message in the box. Start by telling them to Stop Brexit. For more ideas, see draft below.
Nobody 5
Send an email to your MP. Click here for their name and click here to find their email address.

● Post a hardcopy letter. Your MP's address is The House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA*.

You MUST include your name, home address and postcode.

Draft message to your MP

Dear Mr / Mrs / Ms ........

Please vote for the closest relationship with Europe possible.

Lies liesThe EU referendum was advisory and the result a fraud. Millions of people were conned into voting for lies and false promises. The self-destructive behaviour of lead Brexiteers after the referendum has proved
their Brexit project to be bankrupt. The resulting damage to our lives and our country's economy, research and education is becoming more obvious every day.

Please try to repair the damage to our economy and our relationship with Europe as soon as possible.  I do not care how you do it, but Parliament got us into this mess.   Now get us out of it.

Yours sincerely,

Get your friends to help

Persuade them to protest and to lobby their MPs*.

Email this web link www.ledochowski.eu/stopbrexit to your friends and post it on Facebook pages!


Join pro-unity movements

Join the Open Britain campaign, announced in the 28th August Sunday Times and supported by MPs from the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats, for the closest possible future relationship with Europe.

Also worth supporting are the European Movement and/or Britain for Europe. MoreUnited.uk supports progressive pro-European MPs and Vote for Europe aims to endorse just one pro-EU MP from any party at the next election.

These organisations will hopefully consolidate.

Sign Petitions

Keep up the pressure by signing petitions

To give British citizens overseas the right to vote.

For an independent regulator to ensure truth in political advertising. And to make it illegal for politicians knowingly to lie or mislead*.

Stop racism● For the single market campaign and London, which wants to remain in the EU. Support Sadiq Kahn, who is trying to keep London in the single market. London's future is vital for the economy as it contributes 30% of the nation's taxes. Two months after the referendum, we don't even know whether we will be in the single market!

Protect the rights of EU citizens living in the UK.

To guarantee the rights of EU NHS staff, including 10% of doctors, who help shorten patient queues.


Articles & Videos

My article on why the EU should also reform.

Ian Hislop, editor of Private Eye: after a general election the opposition continues functioning (2.8m views)

My speech at the 2 July March for Europe (2 mins.)

Film about the March (10 mins.) All speeches, including Bob Geldof, MadeleinaTim Farron, Lib Dem leader, and David Lammy, Labour MP (77 mins.)

Madeleina Kay (Alba White Wolf)* song for Boris Johnson (4 mins.)

Geoffrey Robinson on How to Stop Brexit

Why I voted for the UK to Remain

EU citizens unfairly attacked by Leave

Boris Johnson hears he won the EU referendum (4 mins.)

Yes Minister on European Diplomacy (2 mins.)

The European Convention on Human Rights (4 mins.)

The Sunday Times published a generous article by Andrew Marr on Polish immigration to Britain on 28th August.

* Photo taken at London demonstrations 2 & 23 July 2016
** The Economist covers, 2 July & 27 February 2016


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