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Chris Ledóchowski




Gallery 2



Unfinished mural by Jackson Nkumanda, Philippi Squatter camp, Cape Town 1992


Hailie Selassie

Mural by Brother Benjamin of Hailie Selassie and Empress Menen, Philippi, Cape Town 1998



Lounge, Lavender Hill Township, Cape Town 1992


Xhosa initiates




Xhosa initiates complete initiation period by burning shelter







Zion Church

New Israel Zion Apostolic Church of South Africa. Palm Sunday, Guguletu Township, Cape Town 1991


Tomb of sheikh




Tomb of Sheikh Yusuf with graves of his followers, Faure, Cape Town 1991






Shop front

Shop front of Bra Z's photographic studio, Nyanga Township, Cape Town 1996



Watermelons, roadside stall, Parkwood Estate Township, Cape Town 1998


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