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Lectures by Professor Joanna Zakrzewska



2023 Korean orofacial pain and oral medicine

Trigeminal neuralgia & other cranial neuralgias

2023 EAOM  London

Guidelines for TN

2023 International Headache Congress Seoul

Patient journey through TN

2023 16th Neupsig meeting Lisbon

Phenotyping screening tool for TN

2022 European Headache Congress, Vienna

MDT approach to TN

2022 Polish Pain Chapter, Kraków

MDT approach to TN

2022 EFIC Dublin

Co-morbidities in trigeminal pain

2021 Polish Pain Chapter (virtual)

Encountering pain, role of humanities 

2021 Open Forum Early career researchers

Journey through a drug trial

2021 Int. Consortium Communication in healthcare (virtual)

 Linguists role in forum evaluation

2021 Israeli Neurosurgery conference (virtual)

Medical management of TN

2021 Portuguese Oral Surgeons (virtual)

Facial pain

2020 Chilean TMD Orofacial Pain Society (virtual)

Classification of TN and variants

2019 Polish Pain Chapter, Warsaw

Intractable TN

2019 Seventh NeupSig Conference, London

Management of TN

2019 Facial Pain Research Foundation, Florida

Long term outcomes of TN

2018 Polish Pain Society Poland

New headache facial pain classification

2018 World Congress of Pain IASP Boston

Workshop trigeminal pain

2018 IADR London

Journey through TN treatment & research

2018 ICOT London

Novel drug for TN

2018 Controversies in Neurology Warsaw

Classification of trigeminal neuralgia

2017 SPEMD Dental Coimbra Portugal

Trigeminal neuralgiform pain

2017  EFIC Congress Copenhagen

Facial pain/ trigeminal neuropathic pain

2017 ECCN Budapest

Management trigeminal neuralgia- workshop

2016 World Congress of Pain Japan

Clinical trials in TN, chairperson workshop

2016 TMD Symposium Bergen

Care-pathways for orofacial pain

2016 18th Leksell Gamma Knife Society Amsterdam

Future direction for TN


Phenotyping facial pain and new drug

2015 Polish Pain Society Poland

Clinical trials in trigeminal neuralgia

2015 Trigeminal neuralgia 10th Conference USA

New treatments in trigeminal neuralgia

2015 Oral Medicine Academy of Australasia

Workshop orofacial pain

2015 Australian Dental Association

Orofacial pain

2015 Norwegian Pain Society

Update on facial pain, plenary; workshop TMD

2014 World Congress of Pain Argentina

Chair workshop classification orofacial pain

2014 Czech/Slovak Pain Society

Facial Neuralgias- plenary speaker

2014 Belgium Pain chapter,neurology

Trigeminal neuralgia multidisciplinary approach

2014 Egas Moniz University Lisbon

Overview facial pain, workshop

2014 World Institute of Pain Maastricht

Care pathways in orofacial pain

2014 Baltic Education Course Lithuania

Lecture case based discussion facial pain

2013 Trigeminal neuralgia San Diego

Research in TN

2013  Polish Pain Chapter

Art & Narrative in communication workshop facial pain

2013 NeupSig Toronto

Drugs used neuropathic pain

2013 Anaesthesia Maastricht

Neuropathic facial pain

2012 Irish Pain Society

Diagnosis & pathophysiology TN

2012 EACD Paris

Pharmacology for facial pain

2012 14th World Congress of Pain IASP Milan

Workshop recurrences after surgery TN

2012 British Serbian Pain Conference Belgrade

Trigeminal neuralgia , Facial pain

2012 6th World Institute of Pain Florida

Diagnosis & management facial pain

2011 20th Polish Pain Society Meeting Poland

Facial pain, (keynote & workshop)

2011 15th International Headache Society Berlin

Facial neuralgia

2011 2nd Trigeminal neuralgia conference Khon Kaen,
Chulalongkorn  Thailand

Speaker trigeminal neuralgia

2010 4th Meeting  Versatis Grunethal Germany  

Speaker, moderator trigeminal neuropathic pain

2010 Advances in Neuromodulation Belgium

Trigeminal neuralgia

2010 5th World Workshop Oral Medicine London

Myofascial pain

2010 13th World Congress of Pain IASP Montreal

Trigeminal neuropathic pain – refresher course

2010  8th TNA conference Rochester

Digital biobank

2010 3rd International Congress Neuropathic Pain NeuPSig Athens

Chair , speaker 2 workshops, trigeminal neuropathic pain, explaining neuropathic pain

2010  15th International Leksell Gamma Knife Society

Design of clinical trials in neurosurgery

2010  Scandinavian Pain Society - Oslo

Trigeminal neuralgia or odontogenic pain

2009  TMD /orofacial pain consortium (Florida)

Participant in discussions

2008 9th European Association of Oral Medicine

Burning mouth ( symposium organizer + speaker)

2008 7th TNA Conference + CME Detroit

Several talks on trigeminal neuralgia

2008  IASP - SIG orofacial pain London

Diagnosis of facial pain

2008  Euro- Neuro Maastricht

Evidence based therapy for trigeminal neuralgia

2007 10th Int conference on Neuropathic Pain USA

Trigeminal neuropathic pain

2007 Polish Pain Chapter

Trigeminal neuralgia

2007 NeuPSig Berlin

Surgery trigeminal neuralgia guidelines

2006  Orofacial Pain Unit  U Washington, Seattle

Trigeminal neuralgia

2006   6th TNA US Portland and CME day

4 talks on trigeminal neuralgia

2006  5th EFIC Istanbul congress chair workshop

Orofacial Pain

2006    10th Anniv Cochrane oral health grp

Update on oral medicine reviews

2006   Swedish hospital dentists

Course on facial pain 2 days

2005   4th ICOT Sydney

Evidence based approach to diagnosis orofacial pain

2005  11th  World Congress Pain chair workshop

Orofacial pain

2005  1st TNA Australia

Management of trigeminal neuralgia

2005  Chaulonghorn Univ Thailand

Facial Pain

2005  Khon Kaen Univ  Thailand

Management trigeminal neuralgia

2005  Facial Pain Group Israel

Trigeminal neuralgia

2005  Flemish Association of TMD

Trigeminal neuralgia , differential diagnosis

2005   UAE international dental conference Dubai

Trigeminal neuralgia , Evidence based dentistry

2004   Annual Medical Conference Zimbabwe

Neuropathic pain

2004   Dutch Oral pain society

Burning mouth syndrome and EBD

2004   5th TNA US Orlando Florida

4 talks on trigeminal neuralgia

2004   World Pain Congress Barcelona

Trigeminal neuralgia

2004  12th International Gamma Knife Vienna
2004 SIG Neuropathic Facial pain Vancouver
2003 University of Texas

EBM requirements for credible publishing
Classification of facial pain
Orofacial pain

2003 4th European Pain Congress EFIC, Prague

Treatment of burning mouth syndrome

2003 Scandinavian Pain Society

Trigeminal neuralgia

2003 University of Florida Neurosurgery

Surgical management of trigeminal neuralgia

2003 University of Florida Neurology

Diagnosis and management of trigeminal neuralgia

2002 European Association of Oral Medicine Lisbon

Evidence based management of facial pain

2002 5th TNA US San Diego

4 talks on trigeminal neuralgia

2001 Danish dental association

Epidemiology facial pain

2000 Danish Headache Society

Guest lecture on facial pain

2000 Trigeminal Neuralgia Association Pittsburg

Medical management, clinical trials

1999 IASP World Congress Vienna

Workshop speaker on trigeminal neuralgia

1998 Trigeminal Neuralgia Association Florida

Management of trigeminal neuralgia

1998 World workshop on oral medicine Chicago

Facial pain section

1997 European IASP Barcelona

Trigeminal neuralgia

1996 3rd Int Workshop Oral HIV, London

Overview of oral neoplasms in AIDS

1995 FDI Hong Kong

Women as dental patients

1995 Polish Medical/Dental Association, Wroclaw

Oral Medicine in the UK

1995 Polish Stomatological Association, Warsaw

Early recognition of oral cancer

1994 Oral Leukoplakia Sweden

Symposium on oral white lesions

1989 American College Cryosurgery Venezuela

Cryotherapy in the head and neck

1988 3rd Int. Pain Clinic Symposium Florence

Drugs used in neurogenic pain

1988 & 1993 World workshop oral medicine Chicago

Facial Pain




2022 BOS

Guidelines for TN

2021 RCP UK (virtual)

Talking about pain

2019 BASH meeting, Cardiff

TMD and associated headaches

2019 Winter meeting, Royal College of Anaesthetists

Medical humanities in diagnosis of pain

2019 Explain Pain, RSM Pain Section, London

Organiser, chair, talk

2019 Sixth TN Study Day, Birmingham

Organiser, diagnosis medication TN

2018 Darwood & Tanner Study Day - Longevity

Facial pain

2018  AAGBI winter meeting

Visual images in diagnosis of pain

2017  RCoA  winter symposium

Medical humanities in diagnosis of pain

2017  BSOM winter meeting

Diagnosis facial pain

2017  London Headache Facial Pain Conference

Phenotyping , classification of TN

2017  British Restorative Dentistry

Facial pain pathways update

2017  RCS Dental Faculty Edinburgh

Trigeminal neuralgia

2017 Fifth TN study day

Organised conference and speaker

2016 Medical Humanities Conference

Use of images Burning Mouth Syndrome

2016 Encountering pain London

Co-organiser, speaker

2016  BAOS Scottish

Facial pain and TN

2015  Migraine Centre

Trigeminal neuralgia

2015  MS Trust

Trigeminal neuralgia and MS plenary

2015  INSPIRE research dental students

Career pathway

2015  Headache SIG BPS

Psychological aspects

2015 Medical Humanities Conference

Presentation and workshop visualisation pain

2015  Critical voices Tunbridge Wells

Visualisation of Pain

2015  4th TNA Study day

Organiser, speaker communication trials diagnosis

2014 Visualising illness Birkbeck

Visualising pain in the clinic

2014 Multiple Sclerosis Trust

Trigeminal neuralgia in MS

2014  TNA Patient grp London

Research in trigeminal neuralgia

2014  BPS 30th Study Day Orofacial Pain

Trigeminal neuralgia, workshop

2014  BPS Manchester

Workshop chair on facial pain

2013  3rd TNA study Day

Organiser , speaker diagnosis TN

2012 RSM Oral Surgery 

Non surgical treatment MSK

2012 Pain and its meanings Wellcome collection

Pain : friend or foe

2012  RCGP Pain in Primary Care London

Facial Pain

2011 British Canadian Jt meeting Edinburgh

Management trigeminal neuralgia

2011 2nd Study Day TN, patient day

Several lectures

2011 Faculty Pain Medicine London

Facial Pain

2011 Hospital Medicine Chronic Pain

Management of facial pain

2010 CPD Dentists EAOM

Non dental facial pain

2010 TNA Annual meeting

Chair scientific meeting, discussion panel

2010 Section 63 London deanery

Organiser speaker facial pain

2010 OUCH Headache patient meeting London

Facial pain

2010 BPS annual meeting workshop Manchester

Chair Facial pain workshop

2010 RSM Pain Section London

Chair organiser meeting facial pain

2010  Faculty of Pain Medicine – trainee training

Trigeminal Neuralgia

2010 Section 63 Liverpool

Facial Pain

2010 British Journal Hospital Medicine London

Trigeminal neuralgia

2009 London dental fellowship

Facial beyong atypical and splints

2009 Section 63 two meetings

Facial pain

2009 Travelling pain symposium

Guidelines on trigeminal neuralgia

2009 West country OMFS grp

Guidelines on trigeminal neuralgia

2009 Br Soc Occlusal Studies

Non dental facial pain

2008 RSM Pain section

Facial pain, identity, psychiatry

2008 Br Association of Max Fac Surg Keynote

Trigeminal neuralgia : an update

2008  British Pain Society ASM Plenary

Facial pain toothache to trigeminal neuralgia

2007 British Pain Society seminar

Facial pain lecture, workshop trigeminal neuralgia

2007 BDA Hospitals Annual meeting

Organiser chair, theme  education

2007 TNA conference – healthcare professionals and patients

Chairperson/ speaker diagnosis of trigeminal neuralgia

2006  RCS Glasgow Faculty study day

Burning mouth syndrome

2006  British Pain Society workshop

Placebos and pain

2006  BDA Hospitals Annual meeting

Imaging in facial pain

2006  RSM Neuropathic Pain

Update on trigeminal neuralgia

2006 Eastman MSc course

Trigeminal neuralgia

2005 Wessex SW Pain group

Orofacial pain

2005 BSOM Cardiff

Development guidelines for burning mouth syndrome

2005 BSOM juniors meeting

EBM approach to chronic idiopathic pain

2005 Br Pain Society Edinburgh
2004 Br Soc Study Craniomandibular Disorders
2004 BDA Kingston Section
2003 British Society for Disability & oral health

Chair workshop on orofacial pain
Orofacial pain
Non dental facial pain
Improving our communication with pain patients

2003 Cromwell RCS
2003 Manchester Medical Society

Pharmacological treatment of facial pain
Orofacial pain

2003 Royal Society of Medicine Neurosciences

Trigeminal neuralgia

2003 Training Cephalon Managers

Neuropathic pain

2001 RCS England Faculty

How to protect your hands

2001 GMP training scheme Salisbury

Facial Pain

2000 Southern Pain Society

Trigeminal neuralgia

2000 RCS England Allergy study day

Immunocompromised patients

2000 RCS Edinburgh Evidence based dentistry

Systematic reviews lichen planus

2000 RSM Odontological section

Face to face with a pain patient

1999 Pain Research Unit Liverpool

Rare facial pains

1998 Pain Research Institute Liverpool

Trigeminal neuralgia

1998 Br Rheumatology Soc

Measurement of pain

1998 London Alumni

Facial pain

1997 PANG conference

Trigeminal Neuralgia

1997 London Alumni

Oral awareness of HIV

1996 Head, Neck & Facial Pain Conference Brighton

Trigeminal neuralgia

1994 PANG Conference

Trigeminal neuralgia

1993 NW Thames Region

Oral cancer-role of provider

1993 PANG conference

Trigeminal neuralgia

1991 RSM Odontology

Quality of life in  trigeminal neuralgia patients

1988 PANG conference

Trigeminal neuralgia

1987 Pain & Nociceptive Group

Trigeminal neuralgia



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